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Productivity no. Adoption yes!

There's a lot to be said for making good word choices and applying effective branding.  Having freshly steamed lobster with drawn butter for dinner is much more enticing than having a crustacean being boiled to death and slathered in saturated fat.

Speaking of rebranding, the Productivity Score in M365 has been rebranded as the Adoption Score and I am just as happy with that as a visit to my favorite seafood place.  We were never really measuring how productive someone was with the work they were doing, but rather how effectively the tools were being used for their intrinsic values to people and organizations.  One of the challenges with any adoption or change management effort is having meaningful success measures and metrics.

With the adoption score, we actually have a set of scores that contribute to an overall total letting you know how well your organization is adopting and using M365 tools and services.  The score is available to view in the admin center and can provide some great insights.  We have insights into people experiences, technology experiences, and special reports populated with data from our unique tenant but also compared with other comparable organizations as well.


The “people experiences” especially give us insight into how well we are collectively working and collaborating.    There are five categories we can dive deeper into.

  • Communication – how are using email, chats, and community posts to share information and meaning with one another?
  • Content collaboration – how are we using SharePoint and OneDrive for Business to effectively share content with one another?
  • Mobility – how are we leveraging a variety of devices and platforms to work from anywhere?
  • Meetings – how are we getting the most value out of our meeting time?
  • Teamwork – how are we using our collaboration tools effectively?
Each experience provides a detailed report to explain the score and how to improve it.  Your score is also compared with a peer benchmark value so you can see how you stack up.  This can be a great tool to provide a foundation for an adoption effort or to gauge your success over time.  You can find more information here -

Now . . . where's my lobster bib?