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Welcome to Windows 8

Just an FYI - when installing Windows 8, be prepared to live without your computer for a few hours and keep an eye out for the impressive screen color changes in the setup process.  I think I wrote that same program on my TRS-80 as a kid.

And with all respect to my parents, Windows 7 will be their last operating system.  They will never be comfortable enough to exclusively open email and Facebook in this version.  I may grow to like Windows 8 in time, but for now it feels like Microsoft operating systems are like Star Trek movies.  Every other one is not so good.

An Update . . . Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 had limited success.  Virtually all of the Metro apps failed to open.  The end result of my troubleshooting was a complete clean loading of the OS.  The UI is growing on me, but there is certainly a feeling of living in two different worlds - the metro world and the desktop world.  There is really limited integration between the two.  I hold out pretty high hopes though for the Windows 8 OS on tablets and touch laptops.  I predict in a year, you'll be hard pressed to find a laptop without a touch screen.

See you in New Hampshire

My Presentation Slides

Just wanted to post a link to my presentation slides from past SharePoint Saturday events.  New ones will be added here as they are created as well.  Hope you enjoy...