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SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati

I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati on October 29th, 2011.  The session will be "Code Free Data Driven SharePoint Applications Using InfoPath."  I hope you can join me.  It looks like the day will be filled with great sessions.  Click the following for all the details:

Ride the Bleeding Edge

While SharePoint 2010 is still based on .NET 3.5 and SharePoint has run a "version behind" where the .NET Framework is concerned, changes to the framework are still crucial to know and understand.  With the release of the Windows 8 64 bit preview, there is also a glimpse into the future of Visual Studio and .NET Framework 4.5.  To get a jump on the latest and greatest, let me recommend you take a look at this link:

Free SharePoint Education

Seems like there is always something new for developers to learn in SharePoint (and that's not a bad thing).  Below are a few links to help you educate yourself on SharePoint 2010 development in a hands on way.

MSDN Developer Training Course
ShareSquared webinars (look under Resources)
SharePoint 2010 Hands On Labs
TechNet Virtual Labs
Visual How To's

Any other suggestions?