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My New Book Coming Next Month

I'm very proud to announce that my new book "SharePoint Architect's Planning Guide" from Packt Publishing will be released on September 9th!  I'd certainly appreciate you taking a look.  I hope it brings lots of value to those looking to leverage SharePoint in the Microsoft cloud!

Amazon and PacktPub pre-orders available now  


Packt Publishing

We'll look at SharePoint as a tool, a platform, and as a connection point.  We'll also explore the adoption and change management aspects associated with a move to SharePoint Online.

  1. Understanding Classic versus Modern SharePoint
  2. Migration options and considerations
  3. Modern Options for Customizing SharePoint Online
  4. Understanding M365 Groups as the Foundation of Collaboration
  5. Magic Tool in the Toolbox - Integrating SPO with Other Collaboration Tools
  6. Making SharePoint More POWERful
  7. Up with Hubs, Down with Subs - Planning Hub Sites
  8. The Mega World of Metadata
  9. Keeping Things Secure - Permissions, Sharing, and DLP
  10. The Human Side of SharePoint