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Code PaLOUsa April 2013

I just wanted to pass along that I will be speaking at the Code PaLOUsa event in Louisville this coming April.  This is a truly unique event covering a massive amount of ground under the IT umbrella.  I would love to see you there.

SharePoint South of the Ohio River

The newest SharePoint group in the Cincinnati area is starting up in January.  The first event will feature Steve Caravajal, Shane Young, Tom Daria and Mike Buob.  It will be very nice to have a SharePoint community gathering south of the river!

More info here:

Conferences - Now and 2013

I'm sad to say that I will not be able to attend the SharePoint Conference this year in Vegas.  If you, like me are itching for SharePoint 2013 information but couldn't make the conference, you can join me in checking out the keynote here:

I also wanted to promote two conferences in the first quarter of next year at which I will have the pleasure and honor of speaking.  SPTechCon will be in San Francisco and SharePoint Fest in Denver.  Links to both events (both taking place in March) are below.  I am presenting two sessions at each event.  I hope to see you there!

Welcome to Windows 8

Just an FYI - when installing Windows 8, be prepared to live without your computer for a few hours and keep an eye out for the impressive screen color changes in the setup process.  I think I wrote that same program on my TRS-80 as a kid.

And with all respect to my parents, Windows 7 will be their last operating system.  They will never be comfortable enough to exclusively open email and Facebook in this version.  I may grow to like Windows 8 in time, but for now it feels like Microsoft operating systems are like Star Trek movies.  Every other one is not so good.

An Update . . . Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 had limited success.  Virtually all of the Metro apps failed to open.  The end result of my troubleshooting was a complete clean loading of the OS.  The UI is growing on me, but there is certainly a feeling of living in two different worlds - the metro world and the desktop world.  There is really limited integration between the two.  I hold out pretty high hopes though for the Windows 8 OS on tablets and touch laptops.  I predict in a year, you'll be hard pressed to find a laptop without a touch screen.

See you in New Hampshire

My Presentation Slides

Just wanted to post a link to my presentation slides from past SharePoint Saturday events.  New ones will be added here as they are created as well.  Hope you enjoy...
Thanks to everyone who attended the SharePoint Saturday in Dayton last weekend.  An additional thanks to those who sat in my session.  My slides from the event can be found on my SkyDrive.


June is a month of transition for me.  I have joined Stategic Data Systems as a Principal Consultant specializing in SharePoint.  I look forward to working with Scott Brickey and the team.  Find out more about SDS here:

I am also going to be speaking at SPS (SharePoint Saturday) in Dayton this Saturday.  I will be posting the slides following the presentation on this blog.  Hope to see you there.